1972 Heathkit Model CR-1000 FM Stereo Tuner and Matching Amplifier


This is a Heathkit Model CR-1000 high-fidelity FM Stereo Tuner and its matching Power Amplifier CRA-1000-1. It is intended to be used in an automobile, recreation vehicle, or pleasure boat. It features an easily read dial, a large thumbwheel tuning knob, a center tune indicator (blue) and a stereo indicator (red). It has an on/off switch, volume, balance, and tone controls. It is all solid state. I built the tuner and amplifier and used it in the college dorm and received many stations with just a wire antenna. The radio is made to use 75 ohm unbalanced coax rather than the unbalanced 300 ohm twin lead typical of many home entertainment systems. This radio and amplifier also had a matching cassette player. I did not buy that component.