1928 Peerless No. B 91307 Reproducer

This is a permanent magnet reproducer (speaker) made by United Radio Corporation of Rochester, NY. The enclosure is cathedral-shaped and made of wood. This speaker works well and retains its original cord (although it is frayed) with the original pins on the ends of the two wires. Below is a view inside the speaker enclosure.

Notice the color of the cord on the lower right. Notice that it retains its original color and is not frayed. It apparently maintained its original condition because it has been sealed up and protected from sunlight. The cord connects to a 3-terminal assembly mounted on top of a coil. I think this assembly is a two-section capacitor. Current runs through the coil and up to a small coil mounted within the magnetic field of the large horseshoe magnet on the left. Thus the large coil mounted on the base and the coil within the magnet are in series. The capacitor, if that is what it is, is connected in parallel with the series-connected coils. Below is a closeup of the horseshoe magnet assembly.

The coil within the magnetic field moves an actuator. The actuator is attached to the tip of the conical-shaped speaker cone that is tan-colored in the picture. The actuator moves in and out of the page slightly moving the speaker cone. The cone is made of paper and converts this movement to sound. Written by hand in pencil on the upper edge of the cone is "12/20/28 JJ" indicating the speaker was manufactured or checked out on December 20 1928.

The speaker is sensitive and produces a loud sound using only an audio signal generator. The tonal quality of the speaker is also good.

Below is a picture of the back of the speaker.

Although the back of the speaker has grill work, no sound is intended to come out through the rear of the speaker. Inside of the back cover is attached insulation similar to the old "rockwool" used to insulate houses long ago.