1937 Philco Model 37-60

This is 1937 Philco Model 37-60 Superheterodyne AM Standard Broadcast and shortwave radio. The radio tunes 530 to 1720 kc and shortwave from 2.3 to 7.4 Mc. The picture above was taken after I refinished the cabinet. I used Formby's Furniture Refinisher to remove all of the old varnish. Then I rubbed two coats of Formby's Tung Oil Finish over the entire cabinet. The grill cloth, dial, dial escutcheon, and all but one knob (tuning knob) are original. All but one of the origninal flat-head speaker screws were missing; I found some flower-head speaker screws on line and used those.

The radio had been electrically repaired when I received it. However, the cabinet has been somewhat refinished and the original wood-grain contact paper on the front had been removed. In addition the dial had been broken in two, and the dial "glowing beam indicator" that has the light slit in it also broken off from its mount. You can see the broken "glowing beam indicator" and the dial in the picture below along with the speaker and chassis. Notice the rectifier tube is mounted in a socket integrated into the top of the power transformer.

Below is a picture scan of the dial and broken "glowing beam indicator."

The dial pilot light was also missing. So, I fabricated a new dial pilot lamp holder and reflector, shown in the pictures below.

I repaired the dial and remounted the "glowing beam indicator" with JB Weld epoxy. You can see the results of the dial repair in the pictures below. Notice much of the dial markings have been rubbed off. I retraced some of the marking with a pencil, but I left much of it as is to show its age. The radio is on and you can see how the "glowing beam indicator" light slit marks to where the radio is tuned.The radio is tuned to 650 kc.

The speaker had a small hole in it as shown below. I repaired it with black tissue paper lightly soaked with white glue duluted with water.

Below is a picture of the rear of the radio. The new power cord retains original plug.

Below is a close-up picture showing the dial illuminated by the "glowing beam indicator."

Below is a picture with the radio on.

Tube Compliment
Det/1st Audio
1st Audio
Audio Output
Tuning Eye
Rider's Manual Page #
8-3; 7-19 to 7-22