Wilesco D16 Toy Steam Engine

Wilesco Model D16 Steam Engine

This is a working toy steam engine. This engine was built by Wilesco in Germany and the model number is D16. The boiler is filled with water and heated with pellets similar to "Sterno" that is used for cooking on camping trips. The pellets are placed in a narrow tray that is underneath the boiler. The tray is pulled out by the handle you can see on the left of the boiler.

There is a window on the side of the boiler so you can see the water level. There is a whistle on the top of the boiler. It has a lever arm to which a weight is hung. If the steam pressure is too great, the steam will press up a piston on which the lever arm rests and release pressure through the whistle. Or you can lift the lever arm up and make it whistle as much as you want.

A valve adjusts how much steam gets to the piston/crank/flywheel assembly. A governor with two weights connects to the flywheel axle via a belt. I have one accessory for this engine and it is shown to the right of the engine. This accessory is a horizontal saw that will actually cut soft wood.

I have the funnel for adding water and a wrench, both shown in the picture. I also have the original box for this toy. The steam engine and its box is shown in the picture below.