1921 Westinghouse RC (RA-DA)

This is a 1921 Westinghouse RC (RA-DA) three tube regenerative receiver manufactured by the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company of East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This unit was also sold under the Radiola name and was one of the first commercially produced radios.

The receiver is a two section receiver housed in a single wood enclosure. The section on the left is the "RA" unit and functions as the tuner of the recever. It contains a variometer for tuning in the radio stations and the tickler variometer for controlling the regenerative feedback. The section on the right is the "DA" unit and functions as the detector amplifier. It contains the three tubes - one type UV-200 for the detector and two types UV-201-A for the first and second audio amplifiers. The combined RA-DA receiver is known as an "RC" receiver. A separate accessory known as an "RT" is available to increase the selectivity of the receiver. The RT unit is a variometer similar to the RA unit and will help pull in distant radio stations in the presence of local stronger radio stations. I do not have the RT unit. There is a little door on top of the DA unit that opens to provide access to the three vacuum tubes.

Below is a closeup of the front of the radio.

Tube Compliment
1st AF Amplifier
2nd AF Amplifier
Rider's Manual Page #

Below is picture of my operating setup. I have built a power supply for my battery radios. I built a power cable for all of my battery radios and attached a Cinch-Jones plug to the end so that it will plug into the power supply. Therefore I can quickly and correctly connect up the power supply to any of my battery radios. The headphones are vintage Trimm headphones.

The radio works well receiving WLS and WBBM in Chicago, WHAS and WKHY in Kentucky, and WSM in Nashville.The radio is not particulary selective. Westinghouse made an accessory unit called the RT that would provide greater selectivity.