Lionel Toy Trains

This page is a listing of the Lionel (and Marx) toy trains and accessories that I have.


2343P Lionel Santa Fe F3 Diesel "A" Unit
2343T Lionel Santa Fe F3 Dummy Unit
2343C Lionel Santa Fe "B" Unit
2351 Lionel The Milaukee Road EP-5
2356P Lionel Southern F3 Diesel "A" Unit
2356T Lionel Southern F3 Dummy Unit
2356C Lionel Southern "B" Unit
2339 Lionel Wabash GP7
258 Lionel Tinplate Engine No. 258
260E Lionel Tinplate Engine No. 260E
262 Lionel Tinplate Engine No. 262
624 Lionel Chesapeake & Ohio
2026 Lionel "Prairie" Steam Engine
6646W Lionel Whistle Tender
1656 & 6403B Lionel No. 1656 Switcher and 6403B Bell Ringer Tender
1668 & 1689T Lionel Pennsylvania Streamlined Boiler Locomotive and Tender
1872 Lionel "General" Steam Engine
1862T Lionel Tender
6-28843 Lionel Southern GP-38 Diesel

Motorized Units

41 Lionel Switcher
50 Lionel Gang Car
53 Lionel Rio Grande Snow Plow
54 Lionel Ballast Tamper
55 Lionel Tie Jector Car
58 Lionel Great Northern Rotary Snow Plow
60 Lionel Trolley
68 Lionel Executive Inspection Car
3360 Lionel Burro Crane
Model 2002 Marx Handcar

Rolling Stock

607 Lionel No. 607 Pullman Car
608 Lionel No. 608 Observation Car
803 Lionel Hopper Car
805 Lionel Boxcar
807 Lionel Caboose
810 Lionel Derrick Car
816 Lionel Hopper Car
820 Lionel Dual Searchlight Car
831 Lionel Lumber (Flat) Car
1865 Lionel "Western & Atlantic" Passenger Car
1866 Lionel "Western & Atlantic" Mail Car
1877 Lionel Flat Car With Horses
2400 Lionel Pasenger Car
2401 Lionel Observation Car
2402 Lionel Pasenger Car
X2454 Lionel Baby Ruth Box Car
2657 Lionel Tinplate Caboose
3359 3361 Lionel Operating Log Dump Car
3419 Operating Helicopter Car
3444 Lionel Erie Hobo and Cop Car
3454 Lionel Automatic Merchandise Car
3461 Lionel Automatic Lumber Car
X3464 NYC Lionel NYC Operating Box Car
3469 Lionel Automatic Dumping Ore Car
3472 Lionel Milk Car
3474 Lionel Western Pacific Operating Box Car
3520 Lionel Operating Searchlight Car
3530 Lionel Operating Generator Car
3559 Lionel Automatic Dump Car
3562-75 Lionel AF & SF Barrel Unload Car
3650 Lionel Searchlight Extension Car
X6014 Lionel Scout-Type Baby Ruth Boxcar
6175 Lionel Rocket Car
6315 Lionel Gulf Chemical Tank Car
6342 Lionel Culvert Hauling Car
6346 Lionel "Alcoa" Hopper Car
6352 Lionel Pacific Fruit Express
6357 Lionel Caboose
6362 Lionel Railway Truck Car
6376 Lionel Circus Car
6415 Lionel Triple Dome Sunoco Tanker Car
6419 Lionel DL&W Work Caboose
6425 Lionel Triple Dome Gulf Tank Car
6427-1 Lionel N5c Porthole Caboose
6428 Lionel United States Mail Car
6430 Lionel Van Flat Car with Cooper Jarrett Trailers
6440 Lionel Pullman Passenger Car
6441 Lionel Observation Passenger Car
6456 Lionel Hopper Car
6457 Lionel Caboose
6461 Lionel Transformer Car
6462 Lionel Gondloa Car
6462-25 Lionel Gondola Car (Green)
6462 Red Lionel Red Gondola Car with Canister Load
6464-1 Lionel Western Pacific Box Car
6464-25 Lionel Great Northern Box Car
6464-75 Lionel Rock Island Box Car
6464-150 Lionel Missouri & Pacific Eagle Box Car
6464-275 Lionel State of Maine Box Car
6464-300 Lionel Rutland Box Car
6464-375 Lionel Central of Georgia Box Car
6464-400 Lionel Baltimore & Ohio Box Car
6464-425 Lionel New Haven Box Car
6464-475 Lionel Boston & Maine Boxcar
6464-500 Lionel Timken Box Car
6468 Lionel Baltimore & Ohio Box Car
6511 Lionel Flat Car
6555 Lionel Single Dome Sunoco Tank Car
6560 Lionel "Bucyrus Erie" Crane Car
6561 Lionel Cable Reel Car
6561 Lionel Cable Reel Car with Gray Reels
6656 Lionel Stock Car
6672 Lionel Refrigerator Car
6800 Lionel Flat Car with Airplane
6801 Lionel Flat Car with Boat
X92591 Lionel "Southern" Bay Window Caboose
6-17601 Lionel Southern Woodside Standard Caboose


30 Lionel Water Tower
48W Lionel Whistle Station
58 Lionel Lamp Post
64 Lionel Highway Lamp Post
71 Lionel Lamp Post
077 Lionel Crossing Gate
77N Lionel Crossing Gate
93 Lionel Water Tank
119 Lionel Tunnel
132 Lionel Illuminated Station
140 Lionel Banjo Signal
145 Lionel Operating Gateman
151 Lionel Operating Semaphore
153 Lionel Automatic Block Signal
154 Lionel Crossing Signal
155 Lionel Ringing Signal
161 Lionel Mail Pickup Set
175 Lionel Rocket Launcher
182 Lionel Triple Action Magnetic Gantry Crane
193 Lionel Industrial Water Tower
197 Lionel Rotating Radar Antenna
214 Lionel Girder Bridge
252 Lionel Crossing Gate
256 Lionel Illuminated Freight Station
260 Lionel Illuminated Bumper
342 Lionel Culvert Loader
352 Lionel Icing Station
3462P Lionel Milk Car Platform
3462-70 Lionel Magnetic Milk Cans
397 Lionel Operating Coal Loader
445 Lionel Operating Switch Tower
450 Lionel Operating Signal Bridge
455 Lionel Operating Oil Derrick & Pump
6-32991 Lionel WLLC Radio Station
Marx No. 0446 Beacon Tower
Marx Water Tank
Marx High Speed Trains Sign
1950 DIVCO Milk Delivery Truck
AF "Sam the Semaphore Man"
AF Tool Shed


95 Lionel Rheostat
Type-KW Lionel Trainmaster Type-KW Transformer
1033 Lionel #1033 Transformer


1952 Lionel #2191W Outfit
1948-1949 Lionel #1426WS Outfit
1959-1962 No. 1872 "General" Steam Engine Train Outfit


I have constructed a 9-foot by 6-foot layout shown below. The layout comprises an outer loop and an inner loop with a 90-deg crossing. The two loops have a commmon portion on the near end of the table. A railroad yard with several accessories is accessed in the inner loop. And a siding is also accessed in the inner loop. Both loops have tunnels under the mountain at the far corner of the table.
The top of the mountain has a single oval loop that has a tunnel. On top of the mountain is a Lionel air surveillance radar and a Lionel radio station. A Lionel No. 60 trolley travels from the flat land up to the oval loop and is similar to an inclined railway.

On two sides of the table are shelves to hold the rolling stock and engines. These shelves are hinged to provide access for storage of boxes and equipment underneath the table. One of the hinged shleves is shown below.

Below is an overhead picture of the entire layout.

Below are other views of the train layout.

Below is a picture of the layout in the construction stage showing the major supporting structures before all of the scenery was complete.


Below are links to videos I have taken to show the train layout in action.Click on the text to view the video.

The video below shows the Lionel No. 3469 coal dump car dumping coal into the bin of the Lionel No. 397 coal loader and the coal loader using the conveyor belt to fill the coal car with coal.

Lionel No.3469 Dump Car and No.397 Coal Loader

The video below shows the spout of the Lionel No. 30 water tower lowering to fill the Lionel No. 6466W Tender with "water."

Lionel No.30 Water Tower

The video below shows the Lionel No. 60 trolley ascending the mountain and reversing to return to its initial point. The trolley will repeat this action until power is removed from the track. Note the Lionel. No. 155 signal rings a bell and its two red lights alternately blink when the trolley leaves its starting point and the trolly returns.

Lionel No.60 Trolley and No 155 Ringing Signal

The video below shows the Lionel No. 140 banjo arm swinging across its red light and the Lionel No 252 crossing gate descends when the train passes across the road crossing. Although this video shows a train on only one of the two sets of track, the signal and gate activae when a train is on either sets of track.

Lionel No.140 Banjo Signal and No.252 Crossing Gate

The video below shows the light atop the Lionel No. 193 industrial water tower blinking.

Lionel No.193 Industrial Water Tower

The video below shows the Lionel No. 197 radar antenna rotating and the light atop the Lionel No. 6-632991 radio station antenna blinking. I have this action controlled by a switch so I can turn these accessories on and off as desired. The switch also activates the Lionel No. 3530 Operating Generator Car and Lionel No. 64 lamp post on the mountain.

Lionel No.197 Radar and No.6-632991 WLLC Radio Station

The video below shows the Lionel No. 252 and No. 077 crossing gates activated when the train passes across the road crossing. Although this video shows a train on only one of the two sets of track, both gates activae when a train is on either sets of track.

Lionel No.252 and 077 Crossing Gates

The video below shows the Lionel No. 252 and No. 077 crossing gates and the Lionel No. 445 switch tower activated when a train approaches. The switch tower is activated by an insulated track section before the Lionel 022 switch and the gates are activated by insulated track sections near the road crossing.

Lionel No.252 and No.077 Crossing Gates and No.445 Switch Tower

The video below shows the Lionel No. 342 culver loader in action loading metal culverts onto its assocated car.

Lionel No.343 Culvert Loader

The video below shows the attendant of the Lionel No. 352 icing station loading ice cubes into the associated Lionel No.6352 Pacific Express refrigerator car.

Lionel No.352 Icing Station and No.6352 Pacific Express Car

The video below show the Lionel No. 397 coal loader loading coal.

Lionel No.397 Coal Loader

The video below shows the pump of the Lionel No. 455 oil derrick operating. If the derrick runs long enough, the oil in the lighted tube will warm up and begin to bubble.

Lionel No.455 Oil Derrick and Pump

The video below shows the Lionel No. 1045 flagman raise his arm with a flag when the train passes over the insulated track section that also activates the Lionel No 445 switch tower. Because the flagman is so much oversized, I do not have it on the train table - it is sitting on the shelves below he surface of the train table.

Lionel No.1045 Flagman

The video below shows the Lionel No 1872 General Train in action and the Lionel no. 151 semapore activate when the train enters the tunnel.

Lionel No.1872 General Train and No.151 Semaphore

The video below shows the Lionel No. 3472 milk car unload milk cans on the platform. This is one of the classic Lionel operating cars.

Lionel No.3472 Milk Car

The video below shows the American Flyer No.728 "Sam the Semaphore Man" in action. When a button is pressed, Sam comes out of his shack, the semaphore arm points horizontal, the light on the semaphore pole turns from green to red, and the train stops as long as the button is held. When the button is released, Sam retreats into his shack, the semaphore arm raises, the light turns to green, and the train continues on its way. I connected this accessory to the insulated track section a bit differently than you would when using an Americal Flyer train because Lionel is a 3-rail track system as opposed to a 2-rail track system. And I had to reduce the internal resistor by approximately 1/2 (I paralled a resistor across the extant resistor) for the accessory to hold the engine E-unit on so the E-unit would not cycle during the temporaty stop.

American Flyer No.728 Sam the Semaphore Man

The video below shows the Lionel No. 3461 log dump car in action.

Lionel No.3461 Automatic Lumber Car

The video below shows the Lionel No. 335955 dual dump car in action. This car dumps the two bins in sequence by repeatedly pressing the special track section unload button.

Lionel No.3359 Twin Bin Dump Car

The video below shows the Lionel No. 356275 barrel car unloading barrels. The barrels are unloaded by a vibrating ramp on the car that is activiated by pressing the special track section unload button.

Lionel No.3562 Operating Barrel Car

The video below shows the Lionel No. 3361 log dump car unloading logs. This car dumps logs by repeatedly pressing the special track section unload button.

Lionel No.3361 Log Dump Car

Earlier, I constructed a small 3 1/2 foot by 5 foot "portable" layout. I constructed it from ceiling tile and 1x4 lumber. When not in use, the layout will fit under a bed. Below is a picure of that layout.

Train Layout
The layout contains one oval loop and a short linear track inside the loop with bumpers on each end. This track can run the two reversing motorized units that I have.

Most of the items shown are Lionel. However, there are two Marx train items in the picture. Can you spot the Marx items? How many Lionel items can you identify? All of the items on the layout are described in detail on my Lionel Toy Train page that you can access below.

Christmas Day

Below is a picture of me on Christmas Day (1959, I believe) playing with the Lionel 2191W outfit.

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