Antique Radios

I have been collecting radios for several years. My collection includes many types of radios from the 1920's to the early 70's. My collection does not match others in quantity; my collection is only a sampling of the evolution of radios. Most of my radios are operational. Below are links to various pages that describe my radios. A picture, brief description, and a list of the radio's tube compliment is included for each radio on its respective page.

1921 Westinghouse RC (RA-DA)
1922 Radiola Senior
1924 Crosley Model 51
1924 Crosley Model 52
1920's Crosley Trirdyn
1926 Atwater Kent Model 20 & Model L Horn Speaker
1926 Atwater Kent Model 30
1926 Atwater Kent Model 35
1926 Grebe Synchrophase Receiver Type MU-1
1926 Freshman Masterpiece
1920's King Radio Model D TRF Set
1928 Atwater Kent Model 42 & Model E Loudspeaker
1929 Atwater Kent Model 46 & Model F2 Loudspeaker
1928 Peerless No. B 91307 Reproducer
1920's Battery Radio Vacuum Tubes
Power Supply for 1920's Battery Radios

Westinghouse RC (RA-DA)
1931 Philco Model 70 Cathedral
1931 RCA Victor Model R-7A Superette
1933 Philco Model 89 Cathedral
1933 Bremer-Tully Model B-T 7-70 Counterphase
1934 Atwater Kent Model 944 Cathedral
1934 RCA Victor Model 120
1935 RCA Model 224
1935 Zenith Model 9S54
1935 Airline Model 62-177
1937 Philco Model 37-60
1937 Delco Model R1128 With Tuning Eye
1937 Zenith Model 6S229 Tombstone
1937 Zenith Model 5S218 Cube
1937 Philco Model 37-610
1938 Zenith Model 5S319
1938 Airline Model 62-425
1938 Philco Model 38-12
1938 Philco Model 38-15
1939 Belmont Model 636 Series B
1930's Readrite Tube Tester

Philco Model 70
1940 Zenith Model 6S511
1940's Zenith Model 6D312
1940 Zenith Model 4K515
1940 Zenith Model 6D510
1940 Zenith Model 6S511
1940's Addison Model B2A
1940's Airline Model 14BR-734B
1940's Airline Radio made by Belmont
1940's Truetone Model D2615
1940's Arkay Kit Radio
1940's Crosley Model 62TA
1940's Crosley Model 66TC
1940's Emerson Model BS409
1940's IIT/Lyrix Radio (Kit?)
1940's Jewel Model 955
1940's Motorola Model 50-X-1
1940's Motorola Model 5A1
1940's Radiola Model MRC 1003D
1940's RCA Radio with Nipper Dog on dial
1940's RCA 45X1 (Little Nipper)
1940's RCA Little Nipper (made in Canada)
1948 RCA Model 56X10
1940's Traveler Model 5002
1946 Minerva Tropicmaster Model W117
1940's Majestic Mighty Monarch of the Air
1940's Meissner FM Tuner and Thordarson Audio Amplifier

Zenith 6D312
Early 1950's National Model NC-125 Radio Receiver
Mid-1950's National Model NC-303 Amateur Band Only Radio Receiver
Late 1950's National Model NC-66 Portable Radio Receiver
1950's Hallicrafters Model SX-101A Amateur Band Only Radio Receiver
Mid 1950's Hallicrafters Model S-38C Radio Receiver
Late 1950's Gonset Model G-66B Mobile Radio Receiver
1953 Zenith H500 Trans-Oceanic
1958 Hallicrafters Model S-107
Jackson Model 648A Dynamic Plate Conductance Tube Tester

National 125
1960's Zenith Transoceanic Model Royal 3000-1 AM-FM Multiband Radio
1960's Heathkit Model GC-1A Mohican Portable Receiver
1967 Heathkit Model GR-54 5-band Radio
1960's Ameco R-5 Allwave Receiver
1960's Hallicrafters Model WR-2500
1960's Hallicrafters Model S-120
1960's Hallicrafters Model WR-4000
1960's Grundig Model RTV 380
1960's Grundig Model C 4000
Early 1960's Fisher Model X-100 Stereo Master Control Amplifier
1960's Fisher Model R-200 AM FM Stereophonic Tuner
1960's Pilot Mark II High Fidelity FM Tuner
1966 Fisher Model 550-T AM-FM Stereo Receiver

Heathkit GR-54
1972 Heathkit Model AJ-1510A Digital FM Tuner
1972 Heathkit Model CR-1000 FM Stereo Tuner
1970's Zenith Transoceanic Model RD7000Y 11 Band FM AM Radio
Heathkit AJ-1510A Digital FM Tuner

I know radios in the 2000's are not considered antiques, but you may be interested in these, too.
2009 Sony Model XDR-F1HD FM/AM Digital HD Tuner

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